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2020-2021 Oklahoma State University Animal Science Scholarship Recipients

Luke Altermatt, Tulare, California

Braden Alwert, Fairmont, Oklahoma 

Miles Cunningham, Springer, Oklahoma 

Brandon Curry, Wellington, Kansas 

Macey Goretska, Abilene, Texas 

Mami Cate Hayden, Weathorford, Texas

Reagan Horan, McKinney, Texas

Aspen Hornback, Belle Union, Indiana

Tanner Komlodi, Gilbert, Arizona

Megan Newlon, Hugoton, Kansas

Dillon Ponder, Bristow, Oklahoma

Rhett Pursley, Locust Grove, Oklahoma

Trey Roberts, Washington, Oklahoma 

Kacie Roof, Hydro, Oklahoma 

Jaelyn Sewell, Ada, Oklahoma

Kindal Stricklen, Bennington, Oklahoma 

Lane Williams, Duncan, Oklahoma 

Luke Altermatt portrait

Luke Altermatt

Luke Altermatt is an animal science sophomore from Tulare, California. Altermatt serves as the vice president of business for the Ferguson College of Agriculture Student Council and is a member of the OSU Collegiate Cattlemen’s Association. He was inspired to attend OSU because of the welcoming staff of the department of animal and food sciences and the constant improvement of agricultural facilities. “A Cowboy goes above and beyond being reliable or fun,” Altermatt said. “Being a Cowboy means you will drop whatever you are doing to help someone in need anytime, anywhere. It also means you are a part of a family, and one I’m proud to be a member.” After graduation, Altermatt wants to get back to the roots of agriculture by working in a production agriculture setting.

Braden Alwert

No Photo Available

Introducing Braden Alwert as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Alwert is an animal science senior from Fairmont, Oklahoma. Alwert is involved in the OSU Swine Club where he serves as a jackpot coordinator. Alwert was a member of the Ferguson College of Agriculture Freshman in Transition program and as a junior he was selected for the inaugural Pig Industry Group Class hosted by the Oklahoma Pork Council. Choosing OSU was an easy decision for Alwert because he grew up as an OSU fan and could not pass up the opportunity to attend one of the best agricultural schools in the nation, located only an hour away from his hometown. “To me, being a Cowboy is not just being tough and a steward of the land,” Alwert said. “A Cowboy can be anyone who stands up for what they believe in and is loyal and truthful when there is a friend in need. A Cowboy will stand up when times are hard and everything is against them. The Cowboy is not afraid to show a little sadness when their loved one or favorite animal is sick. That is a Cowboy.” After graduation, Alwert wants to continue raising hogs with his dad at Alwert Show Pigs.

Mamie Cate Haydon Portrait

Mami Cate Hayden

Introducing Mami Cate Hayden as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Hayden is an animal science senior from Weatherford, Texas. Hayden was a member of the 2020 OSU Meat Judging Team and is a member of the OSU Block and Bridle Club and Meat Science Association. She was also a member of the Ferguson College of Agriculture Freshman in Transition program and worked as a teaching assistant for the introduction to animal science course. Hayden chose Oklahoma State University because she felt the warm atmosphere of the community and the helpful and knowledgeable faculty would be the best fit for her to acquire the best education. “To be a part of the cowboy family means to be a part of a lifetime of tradition and connections,” Hayden said. “‘Connected for Life’ is undoubtedly something the cowboy family does not take lightly. I believe the same feeling of pride, tradition, and connection resides in the heart of every OSU cowboy and it is apparent in their attitudes.” After graduation, Hayden plans to pursue a career in the animal health field as either a veterinarian or ruminant nutrition consultant and use her passions to improve the quality of life for animals and profitability for producers.

Reagan Horan portrait

Reagan Horan

Introducing Reagan Horan as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Horan is an animal science and biotechnology junior from McKinney, Texas. Horan is an officer in the OSU Block and Bridle Club and the Best Buddies program while also serving as an ambassador for Pete’s Pet Posse. Horan was inspired to attend OSU because the faculty and staff were all incredibly welcoming and genuinely interested in her career goals and interests. She said the students were very welcoming and knew she would have the support system to be successful as an OSU student. “Being a cowboy means having a school that feels like home, having faculty and staff that are truly invested in our lives and professional goals, and having a family of other students that are always encouraging and spreading the cowboy spirit across campus,” Horan said. “OSU is truly my home away from home and I am so thankful for everyone that has been a part of my journey.” After graduation, Horan plans to attend occupational therapy school where she wants to help people through animal-assisted therapy. 

 Aspen Hornback portrait

Aspen Hornback

Aspen  Hornback is an animal science junior from Belle Union, Indiana. Hornback is a member of the OSU Livestock Judging Team and Leaders of Excellence in Animal and Food Sciences (LEAFS) program. She was drawn to the OSU Animal Science program because of her background in the livestock industry. “Being an Oklahoma State Cowboy is more than just bleeding orange,” Hornback said. “Being a Cowboy is knowing you will always have a family who supports you no matter what degree path you choose.” 

After graduation, Hornback wants to start a national livestock show for special needs children to give them the opportunity to exhibit livestock.

Megan Newlon portrait

Megan Newlon

Introducing Megan Newlon as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Newlon is an animal science and agricultural communications sophomore from Hugoton, Kansas. Newlon is a member of the Horseman's Association, Block & Bridle, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Oklahoma Collegiate CattleWomen's Association and the McKnight Scholars Leadership Program. She also worked as an intern for Oklahoma State Cline Equine Teaching Center this past spring. Newlon was drawn to OSU because of the reputation of the animal science department combined with the welcoming staff and a hands-on learning environment.

“Being a cowboy means belonging to a family dedicated to my educational success,” Newlon said. After graduation, Newlon plans to work in the communications, marketing and breeding sectors of the equine industry. 

Kacie Roof portrait

Kacie Roof

Introducing Kacie Roof as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Roof is an animal science senior from Hydro, Oklahoma. Roof is a member of the Leaders of Excellence in Animal and Food Sciences (LEAFS) program and conducts research with Dr. Spicer. Roof was inspired by her agricultural education teacher to attend OSU. “Being a cowboy has taught me respect, loyalty, and friendship,” Roof said. After graduation, Roof wants to be a college professor. 

Jaelyn Sewell portrait

Jaelyn Sewell

Jaelyn Sewell is a food science junior from Ada, Oklahoma. Sewell was a member of the 2020 OSU Meat Judging Team. In addition to meat judging, Sewell is a member of the OSU Meat Science Association and the Block and Bridle Club. With Sewell’s passion for the livestock industry and being a fourth generation Cowboy, the decision to attend OSU was easy. “I have never known any other way than to be a Cowboy and wear America's Brightest Orange,” Sewell said. “Being a Cowboy defines my way of life.” Sewell is unsure of where she will end up after graduation, but she is drawn to careers with the United States Department of Agriculture, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, American Meat Science Association and the Oklahoma Beef Council.

Kindal Stricklen portrait

Kindal Stricklen

Introducing Kindal Stricklen as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Stricklen is an animal science senior from Bennington, Oklahoma. Stricklen is working on research with a PhD student in the department. After deciding to pursue an animal science degree, Stricklen knew OSU would be a great fit. “To me, being a cowboy means working hard to achieve your dreams with the help and support of a college family that wants to see you succeed,” Stricklen said. After graduation, Stricklen wants to manage her own cow/calf and seedstock operation alongside an equine operation.

Lane Williams portrait

Lane Williams

Introducing Lane Williams as a 2020-2021 ASAA Scholar! Williams is an animal science senior from Duncan, Oklahoma. Williams is a member of the OSU meat judging team and meat science club. Williams was inspired to attend OSU because of family members who are OSU alumni. “Being part of a community where everyone is friendly and willing to lend a hand to those in need,” Williams said. After graduation, Williams wants to have a career in agriculture while also maintaining a cattle herd. 

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