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2021-2022 Oklahoma State University Animal Science Scholarship Recipients

Matilyn Allen, Maysville, Oklahoma

Caden Arnold, Medina, TX

Corrine Burrus, Farmington, Arkansas 

Taryn Cook, Lindsay, Oklahoma 

Macey Goretska, Abilene, Texas

Grace Harris, Horatio, Arkansas 

Mamie-Cate Haydon, Weatherford, Texas

Mattie Haynes, Jay, Oklahoma

Danielle Nading, Fort Scott, Kansas

Madalyn Neuschwander, Shedd, Oregon

Natally Owen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Rhett Pursley, Locust Grove, Oklahoma 

Phoebe Rogers, Hennessey, Oklahoma

Tanner Stevens, Yukon, Oklahoma 

Johnna Stottlemyre, Luther, Oklahoma 

Raylyn Thompson, Adair, Oklahoma

Kyler Vernon, Arroyo Grande, California

Group Photo of 2021-2022 ASAA Scholars
Matti Allen portrait

Matilyn Allen

Hometown: Maysville, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science with an option in business

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: Growing up showing pigs and livestock judging, I love going back home and helping younger members with their projects. 

Future Plans: After graduating OSU, I plan to continue working at Payne County Farm Bureau. At PCFB, I will be involved in Business Development where I will be taking part of activities in the county including working closely with county 4-H and FFA members. 

Caden Arnold portrait

Caden Arnold

Hometown: Medina, Texas 

Major: Animal Science Pre-Vet

Year: Junior 

OSU and Industry Activities: OSU Livestock Judging Team 

Future Plans: I plan to be a large animal vet. 

Corrine Burrus portrait

Corrine Burrus

Hometown: Farmington, Arkansas 

Major: Food Science 

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: Undergraduate Research Assistant in FAPC

Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in food science. I plan to be involved in the food industry with a focus on Research and Development. 

Taryn Cook portrait

Taryn Cook

Hometown: Lindsay, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science

Year: Senior  

Future Plans: After receiving my bachelor's degree in Animal Science, I plan on continuing my education here at Oklahoma State and working on getting my Master's in Livestock Nutrition. I hope to one day become a sales representative or to make new rations for a large feed company. 

Macey Goretska portrait

Macey Goretska

Hometown: Abilene, Texas

Major: Animal Science, Business

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: I am currently a Leader of Excellence in Animal and Food Science, the Secretary of the Block and Bridle, and a member of Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen. 

Future Plans: After graduating in May I hope to continue my education and pursue a Master's Degree in Animal Science. 

Grace Harris portrait

Grace Harris

Hometown: Horatio, Arkansas

Major: Animal and Food Science dual major with a Pre-Vet concentration. 

Year: Junior 

OSU and Industry Activities: Member of the OSU Livestock Judging Team, past OSU Meat Judging Team member, All-American meat judge, Leader of Excellence in Animal and Food Sciences, Ferguson College of Agriculture Ambassador, Freshman Student Mentor, National Society of Leadership and Success Secretary, Pilgrim’s Pride Intern, Livestock show volunteer at Oklahoma Youth Expo, Arkansas Youth Expo and Arkansas State Fair, Past Arkansas FFA State Secretary. 

Future Plans My future plans include finishing my double major in Animal Science and Food Science and then furthering my academic career by obtaining my master’s and PhD in meat science. I hope to secure a longtime career working to provide protein to power the world. My ultimate goal is to work for one of the leading protein companies in the world in research and development to ensure we are producing enough protein for the growing population. I also hope to focus my work in increasing efficiency and decreasing the footprint of the meat industry.

Mamie CateHaydon portrait

Mamie-Cate Haydon

Hometown: Weatherford, Texas

Major: Animal Science: Pre-Veterinary Science with a minor in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry activities: As a freshman/sophomore, I was a resident and active member of the Freshman in Transition Program in what was then known as CASNR. Additionally, I acted as a professor’s assistant for the introductory course for Animal Science with Dr. Stein. As a junior, I became involved in not only the OSU Block and Bridle Club and Meat Science Association. I had the privilege of competing in the Intercollegiate Meat Judging realm on behalf of OSU with many talented individuals and even more wonderful coaches. Furthermore, this past semester, I also joined the OSU Ranch Horse Team in hopes of furthering my horsemanship skills. Additionally, in an all-encompassing manner, I am currently interning at the R. A. Brown Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas as a production operations intern.

Future Plans: As for future career aspirations, I aim to pursue a career in the animal health field with intentions to better serve producers and consumers by assisting them in a way that will not only benefit the animal’s overall health but will create a better and more profitable product in the industry. 

Mattie Haynes portrait

Mattie Haynes

Hometown: Jay, Oklahoma 

Major: Animal Science & Agribusiness 

Year: Senior 

OSU & Industry Activities: OSU Livestock Judging Team, OSU Meat Animal Evaluation Team, Leader of Excellence in Animal and Food Sciences, Ferguson College of Agriculture Freshmen Transfer Council, OSU Honors College Student & General Honors Award Recipient, AFR Women's College Mentorship Mentee, Project Manager for Bio S.I. Technology 

Future Plans:Following the completion of my duo of B.S. degrees at Oklahoma State University, I plan to pursue an M.S. and Ph.D. in Animal Science. I have an interest in research that evaluates the interaction of immune function and the rumen microbiome. I feel this is an area that is key to the sustainability and profitability of beef cattle operations. Professionally, I hope my work makes an impact and as a result, I will be positioned to receive a faculty position at a land grant university. I believe a career in academia will provide me with a vast opportunity to give back not only educationally, but by striving to be a motivational role model for students. 

Danielle Nading portrait

Danielle Nading

Hometown- Fort Scott, Kansas

Major: University Studies in Ferguson College of Agriculture. Minors in Ag Leadership and Animal Science. 

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: I am a member of the livestock judging team at OSU, and this past year I was the media Intern for the Eastern Kansas Swine

 Show Series. I have been a member of the NJSA and EKSSS for many years and am still actively involved in the swine industry. 

Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to obtain a career in the Agriculture Industry where I have the opportunity to advocate for Agriculture. I would like to have a career in a livestock organization where I also have the chance to work with youth. 

Madalyn Neuschwander portrait

Madalyn Neuschwander

Hometown: Shedd, Oregon

Major: Agricultural Communications and Animal Science

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: OSU Block and Bridle, OSU Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Oregon Cattlemen's Association Member

Future Plans: After college I would like to have a career in advocating for farmers and ranchers, through an organization or business. I hope to include photography within my career. 

Natally Owen portrait

Natally Owen

Hometown: Mustang, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: Livestock Judging Team, owner of my own club lamb operation called Owen Southdowns

Career Aspirations: Being a feed scientist in a small ruminant division at a feed company.

Rhett Pursely portrait

Rhett Pursley

Hometown: Locust Grove, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science 

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: Member of the 2020 OSU Livestock Judging Team, currently working for OSU’s vet school at the OSU Center for Veterinary Medicine Ranch, member of the Honors College

Future Plans: I hope to continue my education at Oklahoma State University through graduate school and then find a career working in the swine industry.

Phoebe Rogers portrait

Phoebe Rogers

Hometown: Amber, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: I am a current member of the Livestock Judging Team at Oklahoma State University. 

Future Plans: My goals after college include going to veterinary school, and one day opening my own practice. I would like to become a large animal vet that primarily focuses on embryo transfer and artificial insemination.

Tanner Stevens Portrait

Tanner Stevens

Hometown: Yukon, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science

Year: Junior

OSU and Industry Activities: I currently work at Express Ranches in Yukon, Oklahoma. I would like to join the swine club as well as the block and bridle club in my time as a student at OSU.

Future Plans: I plan on pursuing a career with a livestock pharmaceutical company to distribute medication to farmers and ranchers across the country.

Johnna Stottlemyre portrait

Johnna Stottlemyre

Hometown: Luther, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science/ Business 

Year: Senior

OSU and Industry Activities: Livestock Judging Team

Future Plans: After college I plan to attend Law school in hopes to become a Corporate Attorney, and hope to use my degrees at an agriculture based company down the road.

Raylyn Thompson portrait

Raylyn Thompson

Hometown: Adair, Oklahoma

Major: Animal Science with a concentration in business

Year: Senior 

OSU and Industry Activities: I am a member of the current Oklahoma State Livestock Judging Team and I am the Youth Livestock Program Intern working alongside Extension Specialists. 

Future Plans: My hope would be that my educational path would position me to obtain a career as a youth livestock extension specialist at a land grant institution.

Kyler Vernon portrait

Kyler Vernon

Hometown : Arroyo Grande, California

Major : Animal Science 

Year: Junior 

OSU and industry activities: At OSU, I am a member of the Livestock Judging team.

Future Plans: After finishing up at OSU, my goal is to head back home to California to earn my J.D. and begin practicing as a water law attorney. Aside from law, I'd also like to continue expanding my flock of blackface club lamb ewes.

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