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Hall of Fame Chairback Recipients

2023- Minnie Lou Bradley

2022 - Dr. Tom Carr

Dr. Carr’s (T. C.), love for his family is surpassed only by his faith in the Lord. It is this love of family he passed on to each and every one of his students in classes he taught and especially to individuals on judging teams he coached throughout the years. Once one of the most intense coaches for meat animal carcass evaluation and meat judging he is now remembered as a legend. His dedication to the Intercollegiate Meats Judging Programs and to High School FFA, 4-H and other Country’s interests in meats judging is unsurpassed! He has never lost his passion for meat science and inspiring the next generation.

2020 - 2021 Eddie Sims
Eddie Sims Portrait

The greatest purebred cattle auctioneer of his time, Sims dedicated over 50 years to purebred cattle sales across the country and served as the inaugural auctioneer of the OSU Cowboy Classic Sale for 39 years. A member of the 1963 OSU Livestock Judging Team, he claimed High Individual at the Fort Worth Contest. With the true heart of a Cowboy, Sims is a long-time supporter and benefactor of Oklahoma State University.

2019 Don Gill
Don Gill Portrait

Brilliant yet modest, Dr. Gill was a visionary nutritionist with a legendary reputation as educator and scientist.  He pioneered using computers in cattle management, developed integrated preconditioning programs and led innovative national symposia.  During his 35-year career at OSU, he became respected by beef producers in Oklahoma and across the U.S. as the best among the best.

2018 Bob Wettemann
Bob Wettemann Portrait

A model individual, family man, and faculty member; a caring and committed scholar, mentor and role model for trainees; a believer in science and the scientific method; an unwavering protector of scientific integrity; a committed teacher; an inspirational leader; an advocate and supporter of the livestock industry. Dr. Wettemann embodies excellence as a scholar, mentor, colleague, role model and friend who advanced knowledge in the field of animal science.

2018 Gerald Horn
Gerald Horn Portrait

Genuine; Modest; Courteous; Kind; Principled; Meticulous; Articulate; Witty;

Acclaimed scientist; Respected educator; Trusted advisor; Industry influencer; Leader by example; worked selflessly for the good of the Department and the Oklahoma Beef Cattle and Wheat Industries. The consummate professional, Dr. Horn personifies the best as a caring mentor, admired colleague, devoted husband and father, and loyal friend.

2017 Don Wagner
Don Wagner Portrait
  • True gentleman • Modest and considerate • Principled and fair

  •  Soft-spoken yet forthright

  • Acclaimed teacher • Prolific scientist • Revered mentor • Respected peer

  • Visionary administrator

  • • Consensus builder • Industry advocate •Influential spokesperson

Dr. Wagner embodies all that is good as servant,

educator, leader, colleague and friend.

2014 Alex McKenzie
2015 Bob Kropp

A straight shooter and 'classic' cowboy. During four decades taught over 12,000 students. Sought after adviser to over 1,500 students. Respected livestock judge and national champion coach. 

 His Legacy:

Professor, coach mentor and friend who impacted countless lives with his humor, honesty, integrity, leadership, passion and loyalty. "Its Been A Ride"

Alex McKenzie portrait

Alex McKenzie was an elite sheep man of his time, serving as shepherd of the OSU sheep flock from 1928 to 1966. Often referred to as a "molder of sheep and a builder of men," he was a highly respected sheep judge and his supervision established OSU as a nationally recognized sheep program. 

2014 Robert L. Noble
Robert Noble portrait

Dr. Noble was an iconic teacher and sheep specialist at OSU from 1949 to 1986. A "grandfather figure to many, he was recognized five times for his teaching ability. Under his guidance and with leadership from Alex Mckenzie and Bill Crutcher, the OSU sheep program developed a national reputation of excellence. 

2014 Bill Crutcher
Crutcher Bill.jpg

Bill Crutcher followed his mentor, Alex McKenzie, as OSU Shepherd from 1966 to 2007. During his career, he established a standard of excellence that was recognized nationally as a pinnacle of sheep production and evaluation. As a sheep breeder, show superintendent, judge and mentor to many students, he was a true professional.

2013 Bob & Nell Totusek 
Bob and Nell Totusek

Totusek...amazing, articulate, compassionate, diligent, dedicated, assertive, gentle, considerate, hilarious, captivating, godly, disciplined, educated, intelligent,

warm-hearted, understanding and genuine. OSU Animal Science Alumni and Friends, with utmost respect and admiration join together to honor Bob and Nell Totusek. Their contributions to OSU Animal Science and the livestock industry are immeasurable. Dr. Totusek is a true but modest legend and unparalleled leader. 

2013 Jarold Callahan
Jarold Callahan portrait

Jarold's unique skill set, combining a knowledge of livestock beyond his years, a passion for competition and unparalleled ability as a leader, molded his teams into fierce competitors with a winning mentality. With high expectations for all students, "J.C." was an outstanding teacher and mentor as well as the most successful and respected livestock coach of his era. 

2012 Ben & Alma Grant
Ben and Alma Grant portrait

Ben. Animal Husbandry '40 Alma. Commerce '40

Successful entrepreneurs and outstanding citizens. Great supporters and friends of the Animal Science department. Extraordinarily generous and unparalleled benefactors of the animal science scholarship programs. 

2012 Lowell "Bucky" Walters
Lowell Walters portrait


Meat Science Professor (1946 - 1984)

21 Championships

Respected, admired, and praised for success in the classroom, research and judging

2011 Butch Young
Butch Young Photo.JPG


For your dedication to OSU Animal Science, the ASAA, Oklahoma and Payne County Youth and the swine indsustry. 

By countless friends. 

2009 Dr. Joe Hughes
Joe Hughes portrait

Thanks for many years of dedicated service to Oklahoma Youth, OSU Animal Science and the Animal Science Alumni Association.
$12,000 Record Selling Chairback. By Friends of Joe Hughes

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